Marbula One Season 2: Minty Mania GP 1

Welcome to Marbula One Season 2. This year’s season starts in the Minty Maniac’s home track: Minty Mania Grand Prix. The Qualifiers placed the home team all the way in dead last, but they can hopefully bring it back to nab some points. Starting on pole is Smoggy from The Hazers, with Yellow Eye, Mallard and Speedy just behind.

As things begin, Yellow Eye is quick to take the lead. Momo climbs up to second but at the end of the 5th lap, there is a yellow and then red flag called. Speedy gets stuck in the conveyer belt while jostling for 2nd place. The race is stopped, and Speedy is taken off of the tracks, forced to retire from the race. Unfortunately, just after the red flag, Momo takes first, but their position is not kept, since it was after the flag. The racers are re-set with 18 laps to go, and the race begins again, minus one Savage Speeder.

Yellow Eye takes the lead once again and maintains it, while the podium spots are fought for by the other racers. Momo loses some spots to Mallard, Limelight and Bumble, but has a very good lap and takes second back. Momo has their fastest lap and they close the distance to a marblelength behind Yellow Eye, but Yellow Eye sees this and picks things up to increase their lead.

For the final few laps, the first three spots are decided, with Yellow Eye in the lead, Momo behind by 1-2 seconds, then Mallard in third a couple seconds behind with a couple second lead from fourth. Snowy almost grabs fourth, but Bumble takes it, and the rest fall in line. Smoggy, who started at pole position, ekes out a couple points with 12th place, having been pushed to the back of the pack early in the race.

– As much as I was hoping for the CCEs to beat the Savage Speeders, an injury on the tracks is always sad. Hoping that Speedy makes a speedy recovery
– I’m sure Momo is a little sad about their only lead being during the red flag. That’s gotta be a disappointment
– Even so, Momo took the fastest lap, and 21 points overall, which is nothing to sneeze at
– Yellow Eye maintained a lead from the first chevron of the first lap to the end. An impressive run
– I could not find Roldo. I’m so bad at this. Edit: ROLDO:


Roldo is at 3:59.

Thanks April!
– Sorry for a late post here. I was busy yesterday and by the time I watched this, it was quite late.