30 Day TV Challenge Day 8: Your Favorite Non-Native Show

With the international readership that these questions can have, this one is just awkwardly phrased in order to capture the breadth of things. What we want to know here are your favorite ‘foreign” shows that aren’t native to where you are. This world has been a lot easier to connect with since streaming services are bringing shows from all over to audiences in a way that wasn’t easy before. If you were like me and grew up as a child of the 70s and 80s, you were limited to half a dozen TV channels and whatever films you could get your hands on. You could get more creative in the 90s and 00s with imports and the like and some low-quality rips online.

So what we want to know today are some of your favorite shows and where they’re from that aren’t from your country of origin. While anime is my jam, my favorite foreign TV shows come from all over with some like:

Scotland: Shetland

UK: Coupling

Finland: Bordertown

Australia: Bess of Both Worlds

There are a bunch of others but everything sort of blends after a couple of years and I’ll admit to forgetting titles even if I can see the visuals in my mind. Share some of your favorites that might entice people to try something new that will introduce them to the people and places.