30 Day TV Challenge Day 4: The Show You Can Rewatch Over & Over & OVer

Comfort shows are a big thing and we all have them to varying degrees. They’re the series that we can just pop on at any point and watch, ease into the familiarity, and simply enjoy. So we want to know what show it is that you can just rewatch with ease, no matter how many times you’ve seen that particular episode. There used to be a few HGTV shows that would qualify a few years ago but the reality is that Modern Family is that comfort show.

Yes, the show that many think went on for too long and couldn’t believe anyone was still watching. While like most shows the later seasons weren’t as good as the earlier seasons, especially as they had little idea how to handle the kids growing up, the show had a great adult cast that just nailed everything that they were doing in general. The dynamics of the show over its many seasons were a lot of fun to watch and seeing the actual changes and arcs that do exist made it quite enjoyable. But one of the reasons that I keep coming back to the show is that I know that unlike almost every other modern sitcom, it doesn’t spend its time trying to dig into the Heavy Lessons. I don’t dismiss the importance of them and their place in the sitcom oeuvre. But what made this such an enjoyable show to connect with was that you really didn’t get huge interpersonal drama, no sudden divorces, no bad breakups with the main cast, not angst that felt forced and out of place. It felt more like the reality of a lot of families that simply lived their lives, did their thing, watched the kids grow up, and rolled with the changes.

I love my drama as much as anyone else – it’s why I’m still a Riverdale junkie – but when my own life is in turmoil or I’m stressed, putting on a few episodes of this on shuffle and reconnecting with families that are all-in on doing right by each other makes it the best kind of rewatch.

Bonus Question: What do you wish you could rewatch again but it just has bad associations now?