Weekly LGBT+ Discussion

Greetings, Avocadoans! Welcome to the weekly discussion of LGBTQQIA+ issues!

Rules for this discussion:

All are welcome! However, please be respectful that this discussion is specifically about issues and topics related to lesbian, gay, bi- or pansexual, trans, queer, questioning, demi- or asexual, intersex, non-binary, genderfluid, or any other sexual or gender minority, so please do not stray off-topic.
Please put anything graphic behind a tag.
As always, any shaming or hateful speech will not be tolerated — if you see some, please flag it ASAP.

Today’s person of the day is Chuck Tingle. Known more as a meme than writer, he became known when some right wing lunatics known as Rabid Puppies flooded the 2016 Hugos and got Tingle nominated as a joke. Tingle though, turned the tables and said that his friend Zoe Quinn would accept the award for him should he win. He lost, but he gained the love of many.

In the news, there’s that one big thing going on, but I’m sure some of you want a few minutes to take a break from it, so for this week we’ll be ignoring it:

Nigerian Judge Ends Prosecution of 47 Nigerian Men Swept up in Anti-Gay Sting

1 in 10 LGBTQ+ Youth Identify As Asexual, According to New Research

For the project of the day, its going The Black Tides in Heaven by Neon Yang. Set in a fantasy world, it focus on the child of an empress and the attempts to mold their own identity as their sibling does the same.

For topic of the day: Tell us how you like to relax.