Dafoe: Round of 32

I think even I’m getting bored with these.

I posted the Nominations link right before travelling to Connecticut 3 weeks ago, and, without my obnoxious posting in the Day / Night threads, not many votes went to any of the movies.

Our #1 Seed, the first Spider-Man, got only 23 votes. That’s 11 less than Christopher Walken’s #1 seed Pulp Fiction (a movie that Dafoe would have fit in perfectly.)

Our run-off didn’t do much better with voting, either, so maybe Dafoe will be like Tilda Swinton, and we’ll plow through it quickly to get to someone more “discussable”.

We have only one non-movie nomination. The Season 8 finale of The Simpsons, “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson“. I just switched to Disney+, so I’ll have to re-watch that one myself.

But what is our favorite Willem Dafoe Media? Let’s find out, shall we?