The Weekend PT Observes the US Elections

I thought, because I’m sure our blood pressures aren’t high enough, what it would be like if the US election was covered the way some other countries’ elections are covered in the US. However, because I’m not a journalist, I don’t necessarily have the skills to do that well. So this is a rough approximation of what I would imagine election coverage would be like if this was happening anywhere else.

WASHINGTON, DC- Tensions are rising in the American capital as President Trump seeks to retain his position through any means possible. While the opposition party is pushing GOTV campaigns in several key states, Trump’s party has thrown their full support behind him and begun using the court system to suppress votes. Public confidence is down in the integrity of several government agencies as both sides prepare for a long, drawn out election. Should Trump be able to hold on through court decisions and a motivated base, experts predict protests and demonstrations similar to those seen earlier this year. The opposition party leader, Joe Biden, has assembled a group of lawyers to prepare for the contientious (really, spellcheck? that seems right to you?) preceedings for the election that wraps up on Tuesday. Thousands of mail-in ballots, Trump’s stated target for much of the planned litigation, will still need to be counted after in-person voting concludes Tuesday night. It is unclear if the court (which heavily leans toward the conservative party, despite being a minority party by popular vote) will side with Trump, who appointed three of them into office, or will uphold the US’ complex election laws. While public opinion seems to clearly favor Biden and his party, many corporations with undue political influence look to see Trump remain in power and able to slash regulations further. His followers have suffered both heat exhaustion and hypothermia this week to see him speak, and enthusiasm among his base remains high. Biden has instead favored a socially distant approach during the overlong campaign season, and spun the election on being both a referundum on democracy and Trump’s COVID response.

Experts within the country seem torn on whether the nation’s elections will truly embody the democratic ideals the US touts at home and abroad. Many wait to see how President Trump will handle himself on Tuesday. The US has not asked for impartial election observers.