Shoeless Trivia: The Man – DeLorean

This is not a sponsored post, but if Disney would like to send me some money I would not object.

  1. John DeLorean’s father was born Alsó-Fehér County, then part of what kingdom, one half of a Dual Monarchy?
  2. The automobile pictured below is one of DeLorean’s most important contributions during his time at GM. What three letters have been redacted?strivia208_1
  3. DeLorean owned a stake in professional football team that has since relocated and now shares a home stadium with another team. What is the name of that stadium?
  4. Delorean’s namesake automobile had a number of memorable features including gull wing doors and stainless steel body panels. What chemical element that makes up approximately 11% of the stainless steel alloy is primarily responsible for its resistance to corrosion?
  5. DeLorean was played in a 2018 film by what actor who is perhaps better known for another role in which his character’s dreams of conquest and vengeance were foiled by a lack of familiarity with the song “O-o-h Child”?

  1. Kingdom of Hungary
  2. GTO
  3. SoFi Stadium (Team was the San Diego Chargers)
  4. chromium
  5. Lee Pace