Job Rants Dread – 10/30/2020 – Screaming From Home XXXIII: Pandemic Spooktacular!

Ah, hello kiddies; Gruesome Friday!

It’s your old pal, the Gimp’d Keeper here; back again with another weekly entry into that most dark and gruesome of settings, the workaday world! It seems that, no matter what time of year it is, people will always find something to rant and grave about, so that’s why we’re here. Have something you need to get out of your chest? Stuck in an endless Gloom meeting? Afraid that you, or someone you know, might get the axe? Well, take a seat and listen to some tales of terror that are, scarily, often all too real.

It’s my favorite time of year, Halloween! But in truth, my little bugs and grubs, your ol’ pal Gimpy isn’t feeling too festive, this year. For the first time in over a century, the scariest people in the room are the ones without masks; how messed up is that?! And despite all sorts of ghouls, monsters and other assorted fiends just chomping at the bit to show themselves, it seems the only thing people are truly scared of these days can’t even be seen with the naked eye! I swear, it’s enough to make one want to go back into gore-entine and take a dirt nap until this all blows over; but I couldn’t do that to you, my little wage-slaves. Reading all your horror stories, I mean, I’ve got to have some fun, after all. EEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!

As ever, have a safe and pro-muck-tive rest of the day, spooky trip home, if out, and great, horrifying weekend. And remember, boils and ghouls: the real scares come next week! EEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE…..Eyugh.