Supernatural – s15e17 – Unity

Well, welcome back after that craptacular episode last week! I’m hoping this episode will be better. I’m hoping, given the title, that we’ll get the brothers back on track together after the completely unnecessary antics of last episode. I’m also hoping, given the promo shots (I never watch the promo ads for upcoming episodes if I can help it, and only see the pictures when I go looking for one to post for these threads) that we’ll also deal with Dean forgiving Jack for killing Mary. And Sam too, if he hasn’t already. Like Dean he told Jack he forgave him, but maybe he’s also still not really to that place yet either. We’ll see. Just like Billie though, I want Team Free Will all on the same page before we kick Chuck’s heavenly ass. So, we’ll see if I get any of what I want shortly. I swear, this show is like a slot machine. I get hopeful about where it’s heading, then disappointed. It’s paid off often enough that I still get hopeful, though (and paid off more often than a slot machine!) but that disappointment hurts when it happens. Especially since I know they can do so much better. Especially if it happens in the final season, which it won’t, right show? I said, right, show? Well, let’s see how the slots pay off tonight, shall we?