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Sports Corner Waves Goodbye to Baseball 2020

I was going to just offer congratulations to the Dodgers and their fans on their latest championship. But news of Justin Turner’s positive test, how it was handled by MLB, and his presence on the field after the game just took the wind out of my sails. It does feel like an appropriate end to a short season that probably should not have happened, and that just barely stayed on track after two teams missed a huge swath of games. And I fully expect that MLB will push for “business as usual” next spring.

But none of this should take away from the overall quality and skill of the Dodgers, who were favorites long ago in February, favorites in July, and favorites in October. And even though the Rays lost, no one is going to forget Game Four.

Elsewhere, there is mainly just football (American and everyone else’s), with some news here and there from the other sports. With that in mind, I am cutting back to a biweekly schedule for now, barring big sports news that happens at the right moment. As ever, all sports subjects are welcome.