Comic Book Review – Weapon H #4 (June 2018)

Writer – Greg Pak

Artist – Cory Smith

Sometimes you’ll look at the comic books on the display rack and a cover immediately jumps out at you and you reach out and pick up that comic book, buy it, and take it home to read. Weapon H #4 was one of those books.

What do you get when you combine the Hulk and Wolverine?

You get a Hulkverine!

Weapon X’s latest soldier combines the strength of the Incredible Hulk and the savagery of Wolverine into one elite and indestructible fighting machine. In this issue, Dario Agger, CEO of Roxxon, deploys his laboratory created Man -Thing to engage and capture Weapon H.

Hulkverine aka Weapon H seems uninspired and a little hokey and one note in terms of originality but Greg Pak reveals the man behind the monster. A soldier named Clay was a member of the Blue Team Eaglestar Unit until he was forced to take part in the Weapon H trials. Each issue, we learn a bit more about Clay’s personal history. Clay’s wife, Sonia, has been searching for the truth about Clay’s apparent disappearance and the two are finally reunited. Their celebration is cut short when Man-Thing arrives on the scene to fight and subdue Weapon H.

Greg Pak was the right choice to tackle Weapon H after his career defining and successful run on The Incredible Hulk. Taking a few cues from The Fugitive and Incredible Hulk TV series, Clay is a man being hunted by Dario Agger so that Roxxon can run tests on Weapon H and make their own version of the creature for their own benefit. Clay has to stay one step ahead of Agger to protect himself and his family from the evil corporation. Cory Smith does a great job on his renderings of Man-Thing and Weapon H and the fight scenes between these two behemoths packs a lot of punch in their knockdown, drag out fight in the middle of Redwood National Forest.

Sadly, Weapon H only lasted twelve issues. I’m going to try to hunt down the rest of the eleven issues to complete my set. The worst thing about comic books nowadays is buying a random issue of an ongoing to read and not making any sense of what’s going. Comic book companies make it that you MUST buy issue one and each subsequent issue to get the breadth of the story. This wasn’t the case with this issue of Weapon H. I was able to read the recap page and dive right into the action.

If you are looking for a comic book chock full of suspense, mystery, and monster vs. monster smackdowns, Weapon H is definitely worth checking out. WEAPON H SLASH!

Next Issue – “The Roxxon Corporation finally has its hands on the greatest experiment of the 21st century: Weapon H! At long last, they can…offer him a job?! Just what is CEO Dario Agger after? And while Roxxon’s been recruiting, Clay’s wife has reached the end of the trail. Can Sonia save her husband — or is he already gone?”