The Toybox Gets a Call From the Ghostbusters

Good afternoon and welcome to the Toybox!

Today we open up to the Toybox to discuss The Ghostbusters.

The 1980s and early 1990s were a great time for the Paranormal Pals.

Action figures based on the live-action movies and the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters were released, making our childhoods just a little more scary and awesome at the same time.

Just this past year, two different waves of Ghostbuster Action Figures were released – one was the Kenner Retro Real Ghostbusters figures, while the other was the Hasbro Ghostbusters Plasma Series (with Build- A – Ghost Vinz Clortho).

I go to WalMart on a weekly basis to get toiletries and paper products and the first stop I make is the Toy Aisle. I was unable to find any of the Retro Real Ghostbusters figures, but I did snag a PKE Meter. I did have some luck with the Hasbro Plasma Series Figures though. I was able to find a complete ( no missing BAF piece/accessories) Gozer Figure. For my birthday this year, a close friend of mine gave me a Peter Venkman Figure!

Did you have any of the classic figures from the early 80s/90s? If so, which ones? ( Feel free to share pics of them in the comment section)

Did you have any of the vehicles?

Who was your favorite ghost/monster from the cartoons?

Did you search for any of the newly released figures and were you able to find any to put in your office/study/action figure room?

What figures would you like to see released in the near future?