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Three The Hard Way Day Thread (October 21, 2020)

Three The Hard Way is an awesome socks “Blacksploitation” movie from 1974. It stars Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, Jim Brown, and martial arts legend Jim Kelly, as Mister Keys; named so by his mother so people would always have to show him respect.

Three The Hard Way

When Jimmy Lait (Williamson) encounters an old friend who has escaped the clutches of a White Supremacist terror organisation, he teams up with this two friends not only to rescue his girlfriend Wendy (played by Sheila Frazier), but to also stop them unleashing a lethal poison that only affects African Americans into the water systems of Detroit, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. Oh, and shoot, kick, and karate chop the living shit out of them, too.

The highlight of the film features three enigmatic bikers – The Empress, The Countess, and The Princess, who arrive to aid the men in “extracting” vital information from one of the racist thugs, utilizing … something … in The Empresses’ bag.

It’s a great film that as you watch, you can recognise every element that was ripped off wholesale by many directors in the years since.

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