The SOMA Night Thread

Given that we are fast approaching my favorite holiday, I thought I’d spend four Night Threads highlighting some of my favorite, but lesser known, horror games. Our last game is…SOMA!

Once again, this is stretching the limits of “lesser known”…but I haven’t heard much about this game since it’s release in 2015, so I’m including it. SOMA is Frictional Game’s follow up to the smash hit/launcher of a thousand Let’s Play channels Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Amnesia‘s sequel, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was developed by another studio). In their imitable style, Frictional terrifies the pants off of players by throwing them into an unsettling environment without any way of fighting; instead the player must hide and run in order to survive. In contrast to the spooky Gothic castle of Amnesia, players in SOMA are thrown into a decaying, futuristic underwater lab that his been overrun by biomechanical weirdness. I could go on, but the story is one of the game’s best features, so it’s best to go in knowing as little as possible.

The ocean is a terrible place.

For my money, Soma is far better than Amnesia (which I loved). It has more nuance, a very engaging narrative, and exceptional voice acting. I highly recommend it. Coincidentally, Frictional Games has released a sequel to Amnesia, entitled Amnesia: Rebirth *checks notes* …yesterday. Look forward to my review in the form of a Night Thread in five years.

Disturbing Content Rating: High. Soma is more of a dark sci-fi game than a horror one, but it is not shy about depicting body horror.

Availability: PC, PS4, Xbox One.