Marble Rally 2020 Race 6

Things are exciting for today’s Marble Rally, as this will be the last run before the winter break. The marbles can safely go all out here without worrying too much about their next race. At the beginning of the race, Cool Moody sits atop the standings with a 4 point lead over Superball, and Ghost Plasma sits in third, 7 points behind Superball.

The race starts very poorly for Cool Moody, as a slow start leaves them in the back of the pack. Black Knight grabs first once things begin and Crazy Cats Eye is not too far behind. Cobra is the gate to the main pack, sitting in third. Crazy Cats Eye tries first to the left, then to the outside, before finally overtaking Black Knight for just a moment, then before they took it back. After some more jostling, CCE once more took the lead just before the end of Sector One.

Things get more intense in the second leg as Dragons Egg takes third, then Black Knight takes first again. A hard hit against a wall pushes CCE back to fourth. All of this ends up for naught, as nearly the entire lead group takes the slower, southern route, and the mid-pack catapults into the lead. After the two lanes merge once more, Nemo is in the lead, and Ghost Plasma is just behind. Ghost Plasma pushes past Nemo for first in the switchbacks. As we hit the end of Sector Two, we see just how much slower the southern lane was, as Black Knight is all the way back in 15th place, and Cobra and CCE fight for last.

Cool Moody briefly stalls out, early in the final Sector, but is dislodged by another marble. The Third Sector proves less dramatic as Ghost Plasma maintains their lead. There is a brief exchange between Lollipop and Nemo, but Nemo secures second and Lollipop takes third. The overall leaders Cool Moody and Superball took 9th and 7th respectably, leaving the top three the same but in a new order. Ghost Plasma is now in first, followed by Cool Moody who is very closely followed by Superball. Lollipop keeps a respectable fourth.

Additional notes:

  • With only one incident of a stall, and no DNFs, this was one of the cleanest races so far. The nice weather really proved for a nicer race.
  • The Ghost Marble took 11th place overall. Perhaps losing sight of their job.
  • Lutair-favorite CCE was doing so well. I haven’t seen that big a difference in lanes yet, but am I bitter about it? Yes.
  • All-around a good run by Ghost Plasma. Starting to really respect their ability.
  • 69 points for GP. Nice.
Where's Roldo

“Along the track quite close to the start” which is to say…. I could not find them.