Best Treehouse of Horror Segment – Tournament: Results

Wow! Just wow! Our little Treehouse of Horror tournament came to one hell of a nailbiter conclusion. Because, believe it or not, we have … a TIE!!!

Yes, when voting closed yesterday, “The Shinning” and “Time and Punishment” were tied in the championship round, 51 votes to 51 votes.

In light of this unexpected event, it falls to me, the humble host of this tournament, to break the tie and choose a victor to wear the championship crown.

It’s not a decision I make lightly. On the one hand, “Time and Punishment” is almost certainly the funnier of the two segments. On the other hand, “The Shinning” is pretty darn hysterical itself, and it has the spookiness and creepy atmosphere we look for in our Halloween Simpsons.

It’s a brutal, agonizing choice. But, in the end, I knew there could only be one winner, only one segment that truly deserved to be hailed as the best.

The winner is … the 1947 Glenn Ford classic 200 Miles to Oregon!

Happy Halloween, everyone!