Comic Book Review – Morbius the Living Vampire #6 ( Feb 1993)

Morbius the Living Vampire #6

Writer – Len Kaminski

Artist – Ron Wagner

My friend went to Gettysburg to tour the battlegrounds for a week and during her downtime, she looked around the local shops, one of which was a comic book store. One of the books she got me was Morbius the Living Vampire #6.

“Tooth and Nail”

In this issue, Morbius fights the Basilisk, a man named Wayne Gifford that’s become a monster of his own volition. Morbius battles the Basilisk across the city and ponders why a man would give up his humanity to become a monster. Wayne Gifford was a monster to begin with – a sociopath that enjoyed inflicting pain and suffering on others. As the battle rages on between these two men and the darkness of night turns to dawn, Morbius knows a way to end the terror of the Basilisk, but it might cost Morbius his life.

The dichotomy of both men is perfectly illustrated during the course of their battle when civilians get involved. The Basilisk is willing to kill the innocent men and women to satiate his bloodlust, while Morbius does what he can to save them from the claws of this evil creature, fighting his unquenchable thirst for blood.

When I reviewed Amazing Spider-Man #101 a few weeks ago, I spoke about Morbius and his place in the Marvel Universe at large. There are some plot threads in this issue that would make me want to continue reading this run. Morbius is still seeking a cure for his vampirism and relies on an antiviral drug that helps him revert back to his human alter ego for a time. The cocktail may be helpful to him for the time being, but his medical colleague thinks it will eventually hurt Morbius in the long run. I’m curious to see how this plays out. Are there side effects to the drug? If the drug is taken long enough, will it eventually stop working altogether? At the end of the issue, a man named Shroud is featured. He is looking to kill Morbius, but we aren’t given a reason why. Shroud hires a monster hunter named Vic Slaughter to go after Morbius. Will Slaughter vanquish Morbius or will Morbius bleed Vic dry?

I was really enjoying this issue but for some reason there were multiple times when the action was halted because of advertisements. There were two instances of double page ads in the comic. I love suspense as much as the next guy and gal, but the placement of these video game ads takes you out of the flow of the story. Sheesh!

My friend is a huge fan of Harry Potter so I can understand why she chose this issue with the Basilisk on the front cover. I also think she picked Morbius since we are well on our way to Halloween. She definitely did a good job rescuing this issue from the dollar bin. We will have to wait and see how the other comics she bought turn out. Fingers crossed they are just as good!

Next Issue – “It’s a no-fangs-barred battle for blood as the Living Vampire brawls with a band of killer mercenaries – Vic Slaughter and the Hardcases! Also, Dr. Michael Morgan (Morbius) gets a new job – in a hospital’s hematology department!”