The World of Horror Night Thread

Given that we are fast approaching my favorite holiday, I thought I’d spend the next four Night Threads highlighting some of my favorite, but lesser known, horror games. Our first game is…World of Horror!

Currently in early access, World of Horror, is a text-based homage to both HP Lovecraft and Japanese horror, all done in a late-80s, early-90s aesthetic. Players are tasked with solving mysteries in the small town of Shiokawa, battling cultists, monsters, and a steadily increasing doom meter. World of Horror is still in development, but it is being updated regularly by it’s creator Pawel Kozminski (a Polish dentist).

The world may be ending, but at least an adorable Shiba Inu is running the convenience store.

Disturbing Content Rating: High, the game does get as bloody and disturbing as possible with its retro graphics.

Available On: PC, with console versions planned. Costs about $15 USD and is on, Steam, GoG etc.