30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 17: Your Creepiest Soundtrack

There’s just something about a perfect soundtrack that will make everything all the creepier and up the horror quota. While I expect to see a lot of modern and more recent soundtracks talked about below, the one that stands the test of time for me is the 1964 Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House from Disneyland Records. It brings together a range of sound effects but it does it in a way that almost tells a story itself.

And the scratches of the vinyl and age only makes it all the creepier.

This is one of the few records from way back in the day that I made sure to buy digitally years ago and have it set with a Bluetooth speaker just by the front door every Halloween so it plays as the kids come by for their treats. They’re weirded out by it but then you find the parents that had it or knew of it and it’s like a light clicks on in their eyes and they’re taken back to their youth…