Werewolves 134 – Escape from Thrash Island

2 August 1931

Greetings, dear friends!

I, Lord Edwin Thrash, M.D., do hereby extend an open invitation to any soul brave enough to attend a splendid party I shall be holding this coming week at my private mansion on Thrash Island. Named for my father, the great explorer who discovered it, Thrash Island is located in Canada’s Arctic Archipelago. If you can make it here, you will be treated to the finest dining and entertainment the Arctic Circle has to offer.

You may have heard rumors that I held a similar party this time last year and that none of the visitors ever returned, which is preposterous. Why, the very idea that I was using them for my scientific experiments and then hunting them for sport is beneath contempt. Also, my science is not “beyond the pale of human decency,” Dad. I didn’t lose my mind in the war, I became enlightened. I’ll show him! I’ll show you all!

Formal dress but wear sensible shoes.


New WordPress won’t let me do HTML lines anymore. The collapse of the old order is punctuated by a thousand tiny, piercing indignities. I just learned Tab is being discontinued. I love Tab. I’m going to post this and run out and stock up. I never hoarded toilet paper during the first wave, I’m allowing myself this one thing.

Anyway, this is a werewolf game for 16 to 22 people. At a base of 16, they break down as:

  • TOWN
    • 8 Party-goers (Vanilla Town)
    • 1 Party Sleuth (Investigator)
    • 2 Socialites (Lovers, get a one-shot kill)
  • SCUM
    • 4 Literal Werewolves
    • 1 Lord Edwin Thrash, M.D. (Serial Killer)

If we get the full 22 people, I’ll add a fifth wolf, who will be a roleblocker, and the Socialites will be Masons instead of Lovers (meaning if one is killed the other will live), but they get to keep their kill. The one-shot is lost if it’s roleblocked.


  1. April LKD
  2. Cop on the Edge-ish
  3. Emmelemm
  4. Goat
  6. Josephus Brown
  7. Lindsay
  8. Louie Blue
  9. Mayelbridwen
  10. Milkproofrobot
  11. Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather
  12. Narrowstrife
  13. Otakunomike
  14. Owen1120
  15. Raven and Rose
  16. Sagittariuskim
  17. Sic Humor
  18. Sister Jude the Obscure
  19. Spookyfriend
  20. The Hayes Code


  1. Side Character
  2. Hohopossum
  3. Dicentra

Day 1 will begin as soon as everything is ready. I’m going to try for this evening, but no promises. Also I’m going to try to figure out how to copy-paste the old WW boilerplate stuff into the new editor. If anyone reading this has experience with that, leave me detailed instructions in a comment.