The Night Thread is Terrorized by The Ghost Clown

The Ghost Clown is a villain Scooby-Doo and his pals encountered when they were driving around at night (you know, as they do) and came across Mr. Barnstorm’s circus. As a master of hypnotism, he was able to cast spells on everyone to make them do death-defying stunts for…clown reasons. This included making Scooby mindlessly walk around on a tight rope and making Daphnee think she was a unicyclist.

Also, when he hypnotized Daphne, her eyes were suddenly no longer the same color as her skin…

The Ghost Clown’s reign of terror seemed to have no end in sight…until Scooby and Shaggy used a mirror against him, causing him to somehow accidently hypnotize himself.

SPOILER!!! It turned out that The Ghost Clown wasn’t a ghost at all, but was instead Harry the Hypnotist, who wanted revenge against Mr. Barnstorm for sending him to prison after he caught him stealing from the circus.

I…think he may have been less scary as a clown.

Have a good night, Avocados!