Dad’s Casa: Spinoffs (?)

There have been a number of Dad’s Casa spinoffs, backdoor pilots, and several fan suggestions for spinoffs. Can you tell which is which? I know I’m forgetting a few. Please let me know in the comments.

Dad’s Casa: The Animated Series

All of the main cast signed on to voice their characters from the original series. One episode features a sequel to the fan favorite Dad’s Casa episode, ‘Dad’s Avocados’.

Mom’s Cabana

Sequel. Mom and Dad divorce. Mom buys a cabana in Jamaica or Bermuda.

Dad’s Copacabana

Sequel. Dad and Carmella move to Florida and run a beach bar in Key West.

Dad’s Castle

Sequel. Dad and Carmella inherit a Sicilian castle and vineyard. They have a Sicilian neighbor named Cicero who looks and acts just like Horatio but speaks with a British accent.

Dad’s Caravan

Sequel. Dad and Carmella buy an RV and tour North America. They visit the twins in Arlington (?).

Dad’s Casino

Sequel (last one I promise). Set in Atlantic City. Dad wins a casino in a wrestling match while on vacation. Carmella is the manager. Horatio runs the kitchens.

Dad’s Coma Dreams

Dad is in a coma and each season is a different coma dream. In one Dad is a P.I., in one he runs an ice cream parlor, in one he’s a producer for an animated TV series, and there was another one (?).

Sue’s Casa

Original title: Crazy Aunt Sue’s Casa. Sue lives alone in a big house in the country. Some of Sue’s neighbors think she’s a witch. Sue is not a witch. She’s a scam artist, an entrepreneur, and a witch but not a writer.

Uncle Travis’s Bachelor Pad

Starring Matthew McConaughey. Set in Edison, NJ.

Twins’ Apartamiento

Sequel. The twins, Anna and Beth, share an apartment in Alexandria, Virginia. One (?) of them works for the CIA. Beth runs a bookshop. Anna runs a catering business.

Nappy’s Carrera

A prequel about Nappy’s work for the State Department with flashbacks to his time in the French Foreign Legion fighting in the Chadian-Libyan Conflict.

Padre’s House

Carmella’s cousin Luis marries a rich New England woman (who has a daughter and son from a former marriage) named Louise. Luis renovates Louise’s old house with Dad’s help (or was that “help”?). Carmella suspects that Louise is harboring a deep and dark secret.

Reyna of Queens

Prequel/Sequel. What was Leah Pemberton’s life in Queens before she moved to the Mid-West AND after she moved back? It featured a double narrative or flashbacks/flashforwards or both (?). Leah had/has a neighbor/best friend named Reyna.


Miniseries. What if Dad kept reliving the famous/infamous episode BBQ4SA, the 4th BBQsa that takes place on July 4th?