Best Treehouse of Horror Segment – Tournament: Semi-Finals

The semi-finals are here, everyone! And I don’t know what to expect from this round, because Round 3 was a slugfest. For most of the voting, all of the matches were neck-and-neck, with each segment giving as good as it got, none of them giving ground without a bitter fight, and all performing admirably … except for “Bad Dream House” which was absolutely slaughtered by “The Shinning”. Guess “Battle of the Haunted House Segments” ended up being a bit of a mismatch, huh?

“Bad Dream House” joins “The Devil and Homer Simpson”, “Terror at 5 ½ Feet”, and “Citizen Kang” in being eliminated from the tournament. Let’s take a moment, and see these fine contenders depart with the dignity they deserve.

Anyhoo, on to the semi-finals!