Sports Corner Celebrates Whitey Ford and Joe Morgan

Boy, it has been a rough patch for baseball fans as two more Hall of Famers have left us. Whitey Ford was the greatest of Yankees starting pitchers and the last of the legendary players of their era of dominance. (Whitey’s fame was so great that my mother, not particularly a sports fan, told me he died when she saw it on the news while talking to me.) Joe Morgan was linchpin of the great Reds teams of the 70s, and by most standards the best second baseman who ever lived. This marks six Hall of Famers this year. In the grand scheme of things, in this year of disease and death, this is far from the worst tragedy, but it can’t help but add to the sadness of 2020.

Happier news, at least for Lakers fans, can be found in their dominating victory on Sunday to clinch their 17th NBA title, and perhaps for NBA fans overall as we watched the emergence of Jimmy Butler as a superstar. The baseball playoffs are moving along nicely, though I can’t imagine anyone at Fox wants Tampa Bay and Atlanta in the World Series (not that having LA and Miami in the NBA finals helped ratings). The Premier League is in an utter uproar over a scheme to rework soccer as we know it in England. Rafael Nadal took another French Open. And even as the NFL seems to be a step slow in dealing with COVID, it was the brutal injury to Dak Prescott and not the pandemic that drew the most medical attention.

And don’t forget that there are coaching openings all over the NBA, in Atlanta in the NFL, and in Chicago in the AL. Time to sharpen my resume!

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.