30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 14: Your Favorite Horror Comedy Or Musical Movie

The realm of horror-comedies goes back a hundred years when it comes to film. While we always see spooky sitcom episodes around Halloween or sometimes other events, the realm of film will go all-in on the combination of the two and have a lot of fun with it. A lot of folks grew up on the Abbott and Costello meeting monster films and some of the famous actors within had a lot of fun playing to the lighter and sillier side of things.

So we ask, what’s your favorite horror-comedy film?

For the longest time I’m usually go with classic 80s entries like Ghostbusters or Gremlins, but the last couple of years I have rewatched far too many times the film Anna and the Apocalypse. My modern side says to go with Shaun of the Dead and it is an absolute treasure but the fact that I can pick a horror-comedy-Christmas-musical about zombies just makes that film a win with its great performances and great songs that manage instill some real heart into the characters.

Bonus question: should there be horror-comedy films? Or does that just go against the idea of horror?