Friday the 13th Part 3 Day Thread

If you need to chase those Monday Blues away, give this instrumental track a listen.

This past Summer, I finally utilized my Amazon Prime membership to the fullest by streaming movies and T.V. shows. After watching the original Friday the 13th to celebrate its 40th anniversary, I decided to run the series ( I watched the first 5 so far).

This installment of Friday the 13th is brought to you in eye-popping 3D!

After Baghead Jason stalks the campers and counselors at Crystal Lake in Part 2, we finally get Jason in his trademark hockey mask in this movie.

This entry is a bit slowing going in the beginning, but ratchets up the suspense and kills toward the middle part of the film.

Tell us your favorite entry in the Friday the 13th series in the comment section below. A lot of people I talk to list The Final Chapter as their favorite, with Part 3 a close second. My favorite is Part 7 because it was the first Friday the 13th movie I had ever seen.

Have a great day and remember – there’s a death curse on that camp!