The Toybox – Your Favorite Horror Themed Playset

Good morning and welcome to the Toybox.

Today we open up the Toybox to discuss your favorite Horror Themed Playset.

My last trip to visit home was in September. One of my favorite places to visit while at home is the local Ollies Discount Mart. I like to peruse the discounted book section and walk down the toy aisle. Looking around, I found a section of Doctor Dreadful sets and it got me thinking of the horror themed sets toy companies released during our childhoods.

I loved the Creepy Crawlers commercials they used to run during afternoon and Saturday morning cartoons. I never ended up buying a set though.

While searching for images for the post, I found a set called Queasy Bake Oven from Hasbro. You could make disgusting looking snacks for you and your friends to eat. There was also the Creepy Crawler Incredible Edibles Creepy Candy Creator.

Did you have any of these playsets growing up? If so, which ones?

Which playset did you wish you could buy?

I’m sure some parents were grossed out at the idea of buying these playsets and letting their kids play with the stuff.

Feel free to post pictures of other nostalgic playsets in the comment section below. I am sure I missed a few – it will help jog our memories.

There will be another Toybox this month.

Look for it to publish at its regular scheduled time on October 24, 2020