The Magic Eye Night Thread (October 10, 2020)

If it is at all possible to encapsulate an entire decade within a single image, then the final decade of the Twentieth Century is a Magic Eye.

The ability of the human eye to perceive the hidden image is due to our binocular depth perception, or stereopsis. The slight differences between the positions of our eyes and the way that can result in the illusion of depth was first demonstrated by British scientist Charles Wheatstone in 1838.

In 1991 programmer Tom Baccei with his small team of designers, collaborated with freelance artist Cheri Smith to create the first color random-dot “Autostereograms”. With the aid of computers, these images were art for the Information Age. Marketed under the Magic Eye brand, their books sold over twenty five million copies. Everyone had one. Everyone had one of them on their wall, or their parents did, if their parents smoked weed and were “cool”. The hotter the fad, though, the more quickly they freeze. The embers of autostereograms still linger online, of course, with dedicated message boards and forums, and even programs to help you create your own. Far out!

Avocado Stereogram

Take care and have a super weekend, everyone!