There is No Way to Survive The Devil Times Five Night Thread

Five killer children are on their way to jail or whatever when their bus crashes. The evil children wander into a house and kill a whole bunch of adults. Throughout it all, the adults do a lot of talking (and talking!), and eventually a sequel is set up that never gets made.

This is the story of The Devil Times Five, a schlocky ultra-low budget horror movie that was trying to capitalize on the evil kids films of the era. It also had a number of alternate titles, including Peopletoys, which is how it was released in at least some districts.

The actual movie…is a tad boring? When the kids aren’t killing the incredibly stupid adults, said adults are droning on (very, very slowly) over whatever matters they are going through until they are dead. It’s also insanely campy and, in some cases, obscenely badly made, with some of the deaths being so confusing that it’s impossible to tell how the grown-ups are getting knocked off. But hey, at least it terrified “Wendy” (when she saw it under still another alternate title).

If you want to watch The Devil Times Five, it’s pretty easy to find for free in its entirety online. If not, you can watch this unintentionally hilarious trailer instead, which literally shows every murder in the movie.