Comic Book Review – Superman #92 (August 1994)

Writer and Artist – Dan Jurgens

Finishes by Josef Rubinsten

“Earth Run”

Alien kingpin Chadda summons Massacre and his sidekick, Skimmer, to Chadda’s World. Chadda requests Massacre to retrieve an item of great importance from the planet Earth. At the mention of Earth, Massacre remembers he has unfinished business on the backwater planet and leaves in a hurry.

After the Fall of Metropolis, Lois and Clark are doing what they can to survive after the city was leveled by Lex Luthor II. The two are visited at their campsite by Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane. Jimmy is on the hunt for camera film and Lucy is upset that all her belongings were destroyed, and she only has the clothes on her back. Jimmy says that Superman is working to help rebuild the water treatment plant and everyone can have a hot shower soon. Jimmy and Lucy leave, and Clark says goodbye to Lois since he did say he would help finish work on the water treatment plant.

Superman is laying supports at the plant and using his heat vision to fuse the metal together. Construction workers are shocked by the arrival of an unexpected stranger at the site and Superman investigates who it is and is met with a punch to the face by Massacre. Superman swats Massacre with a steel beam and tries to crush the villain with the large piece of metal but Massacre is too fast for the Man of Steel. Superman tries to punch Massacre but moves out the way and retorts saying he knows every move Superman is going to make before he does it. Massacre grab Superman by the face and throws him in a hole and pours concrete on top of the hero. Massacre uses an energy blast from his gauntlet to harden the concrete and incapacitate Superman.

Skimmer has followed Massacre to Earth in a ship and retrieved Chadda’s requested item – ice cream! Skimmer picks up Massacre on the ship’s radar and goes to find his comrade. Massacre picks up the concrete and holds it high above his head. Superman punches his way through the concrete to free himself. Superman and Massacre engage in battle once more. Superman tries to use his heat vision to stop Massacre, but an invisible shield protects the villain’s body. Skimmer arrives on scene to see the battle taking place. A well-placed punch sends Superman airborne and the Man of Steel is almost sucked into the ship’s engine intake. Massacre jumps onto the ship to try to finish Superman off. The added weight of the ship causes the vehicle to crash in a fiery explosion.

When I saw the cover of this issue, it touted a “Massacre in Metropolis.” As far as alien villains go, I have heard of Massacre but never knew anything about him. Superman is usually able to stop invaders from the stars with ease, but Massacre is more than Superman bargained for this time around. As Superman and Massacre battle it out, Lois remarks that “Massacre looks so tough, almost as tough as Doomsday!” I’m sure that Superman, Massacre, and Skimmer survive the crash landing of the ship. I’m very curious to see how Superman will stop Massacre given the fact he can anticipate almost anything before it happens. Superman will most likely have to use his brain instead of brawn to stop Massacre’s rampage. I did chuckle when it was revealed that Chadda wanted ice cream to be brought back to his planet. I didn’t see that coming. Alien despots usually want a weapon of great power or treasure of immense wealth. Chadda has a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied. This is a standard punch ‘em up between good guy and bad guy comic but I like to see Superman fight someone in his weight class. Massacre isn’t a pushover and we will have to see what transpires in Round 2 between these two heavyweights.

Next Issue – In the ruins of Metropolis, Superman battles the alien menace Massacre as the citizens of that fallen city try to rebuild their lives.