Walken: The Finals

We have made new history here at The Avocado. This could be the moment most remembered from the year 2020…. A non movie has made it to the Finals.

FatBoy Slim can take the crown, possibly, as “Weapon of Choice” beat to a … what’s the word, anyway, Pulp Fiction was not match, losing in a runaway, 42 – 18.

On the other side, there was “More Cowbell” from Saturday Night Live, which put up a fight, but just couldn’t see a future with The Dead Zone.

But who will win the Coveted Crown in our ongoing Favorite Movie Star Tournament? Will we keep to tradition, or will we give the Award to a cinematic danceathon? We’ll also put the runners up against each other to find out who is third or fourth place?

Plus, you can always give us your own personal Top 3 / 5 / 10 / how ever many of YOUR OWN favorite Christopher Walken movies.

Let’s debate this one tonight!