The Wednesday Politics Thread: The Way Out Is Through

I have been emotionally and physically exhausted lately. I am betting that A LOT of you can relate. Between thinking about the past, my past (& future posts), and witnessing the terrible present, I have been letting worries get the best of me. Yet, my hope persists.

I have spent the better part of the last week thinking about what matters most to me. Of course, my children are A-1 on that list, but I am more than a father. I have worn many hats and evolved so much in this life. I have friends, old and new, that have kept me going through these times and I appreciate them so much. 

There is also still quality entertainment being pushed out there. That Lovecraft Country, amirite?

Before we let the terribleness and inequality of this world back into our lives today, I would like for you to think about who or what has helped you through the tough times? 

We have made it through most of the 100 years that is 2020 into October. Probably only over/under 20 years to go. I’m kidding, 10 years tops. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just so long as giving up is not in your vocabulary. WE need YOU.


McSquirrel yada, yada, yada.