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Welcome to the Book Nook!  This is the weekly thread for Avocados to discuss books we’re currently reading, recommendations, genre, and serious literary criticism. 

This week’s recommended discussion:  it’s adaptation time again!  We just did a series of topics this summer, but there are always new ones coming out.  At the start of the pandemic, I treated myself to Hulu, and was finally able to watch Castle Rock.  I loved the approach they took, using existing characters and settings, but developing new stories.  Lizzy Caplan’s Annie Wilkes was a particular joy, as she incorporated some of Kathy Bates’ portrayal, but brought whole new levels of sympathy to one of King’s most beloved villains.  The nods to the fans were an added delight.  (King’s OG queen!  Tim Robbins at Shawshank!  It’s adaptation turtles all the way down!) 

Which adaptations have you been enjoying (or not) lately, be they faithful or very loose?  Is it better to read the source material first?  What announced adaptations are you looking forward to seeing?

Because we’re here to use our words, this is a NO GIF/YouTube/social media embed zone.  The OTs are full of clutter, and I want to keep that out of this thread. Pictures related to a post are fine, though.

upcoming topics:
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11/4:  no topic due to U.S. election (please VOTE 11/3 if you can)

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