It's Pete the Cow!

Taste the Secret, Day Thread (October 7, 2020)

Well hi! Welcome to MeatShake, where you can taste the secret – and when I tell you what it is, you won’t believe it. There’s something special in our food you’ll taste when you start eating it: everything we serve has meat in it.

Taste the Secret!

‘Taste the Secret’ is the 2003 quasi-concept album by Ugly Duckling, surrounding a fast-food restaurant that yes, serves nothing but meat. In shake form. Over at The A.V. Club, Nathin Rabin thought the album skidded along “giddily on buoyant beats and gently satirical songs.”

Kembrew McLeod on The Village Voice, on the other hand, described it as “a hilarious critique of right-wing reactionaries, hypocritical lefties, hyper-commercial consumerism, and the slave-service industry. Like if someone smoked a lot of weed, and turned Fast Food Nation into a hit Broadway musical.”

Dizzy Dustin, Young Einstein, and Andy Cat (Andy Cooper) were the outcasts of the Californian hip-hop scene of Nineties. Their second LP is a fun jaunt that reminds me of a happy summer too many years ago. It’s not available on Spotify for some reason, but can be found elsewhere on the internet, so check it out if you enjoy light-hearted rap.

Take care of yourselves and everyone else, and have an excellent day, everyone!