Marble Rally 2020 Race #4

Welcome to the Avocado’s continuing coverage of the 2020 Sand Marble Rally as today we have race #4 coming to our screens! I’m InnDEEEEEEEEEEED and I’ll try to do this race some justice.

It’s been a tumultuous start to the season with only one racer, Ghost Plasma, taking 2 medals thus far. And like last week we have some rough weather conditions before the race even begins. Rain and winds that leave the athletes thinly coated with sand as they line-up at the starting gate, which also suffers from its own issues and requires a manual start to release the marbles from the starting position.

The early part of the race sees El Capitan and El Pollo Loco initially trading the lead before Lollipop takes over. Red Number 3 and Crazy Cat’s Eye are also hanging around the top 5 during this and Cobra soon jumps in too. As the race hits the so-called shuffleboard we see the conditions begin to take their toll. Pollo, Comet and Blizzard Blaster all temporarily are taken out of the race before the Ghost Marble knocks them loose (getting itself stuck in the process). Dragon’s Egg is next to find themselves stuck in the course and while this is happening Summer Sky makes a move to take first place as they end the first sector.

Marbley McMarbleface, Cobra, Lollipop, Slimer and Nemo all are in hot pursuit of Summer Sky who soon finds themselves shockingly OUT of the race and beached on the side. But its too late as Cobra takes advantage to vault into first place, finishing a half second ahead of Slimer and Ghost Plasma while Cool Moody and Marbley McMarbleface round out the top 5. The next ten spots are all within 2 seconds of of the top 5 except poor Crazy Cat’s Eye who finds themselves stuck riiiiiight before the finish line. Even Summer Sky, over 4 and a half seconds out of first place limps across and passes CCE.


In the end we had 3 DNF’s with Dragon’s Egg and Comet also being lost along the way.
Ghost Plasma got their third consecutive bronze in a race (which vaulted them into second overall), while Cobra got their first career victory!
Despite the first place finish, Slimer actually got a bigger jump in the overall standings than Cobra did (moving up 8 spots vs Cobra’s 5) simply because this was the first race Cobra didn’t goose egg in some way.
Cool Moody is still in first overall, their smugness is earned.
I forget how to do bullet points in WordPress so this is what you get!