Bob’s Burgers S11E02: “Worms of In-Rear-Ment”

Episode Grade: A-

Fair warning upfront: this is going to be a rather bare-bones Bob’s Burgers review. I wanted to get something up so those who wanted to talk about tonight’s episode have a place to do so, but real-life obligations mean I have work to do tonight, so that’s gotta take precedence. I know you’ll all miss my insightful commentary, but we’ll get through this together.

It’s a shame too, because this was one of the most purely funny episodes in recent memory. Turns out, even eleven seasons in, all you need for a great Bob’s Burgers episode is to give the main cast a gross problem and just let them go to town with it. Linda might have verged on the wrong side of the “too much” line that defines her character, but otherwise everyone was in peak form tonight. Special shout outs to Louise, who had her best night in ages from a pure line-reading angle, and the Gene and Tina interaction, which remains the one intra-Belcher relationship I still think has some unexplored possibilities.

Bottomless Businessmen

  • Storefront: Get On My Lawn Lawn Ornaments
  • Exterminator: Earwig and the Angry Exterminators
  • They kept a tight focus on the Belchers tonight, but Frond’s “mildly provocative” presentation deserves a mention.
  • “Symphony Attire” apparently means no exposed midriffs, Gene.
  • It’s Gene, Dad. He’s not a clean child. Remember that week we thought he had sunburn, but it turned out to be hot sauce? All over the back of his neck?”
  • “I hope your worms are hungry!” “Tina!” “What? Too much?”
  • Kids, tell your mom she’s a good mom.” “Yeah, maybe ask me later, when my life’s work isn’t lying shattered before my eyes.”