October TV Preview- Streaming (What in the Everloving Hell is AMC+?)

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Truth Seekers

The series follows a team of part-time paranormal investigators who team up to uncover and film ghost sightings across the UK, sharing their adventures on an online channel for all to see. However, as they stake out haunted churches, underground bunkers and abandoned hospitals with their array of homemade ghost-detecting gizmos, their supernatural experiences grow more frequent, more terrifying and even deadly, as they begin to uncover a conspiracy that could bring about Armageddon for the entire human race.

Starring: Nick Frost, Samson Kayo, Emma D’Arcy, Malcolm McDowell, Simon Pegg, Susie Wokoma, Julian Barratt

Premieres October 30th

Apple TV+

Tiny World

Narrated by Paul Rudd, this docuseries showcases nature’s lesser-known tiny heroes. Spotlighting small creatures and the extraordinary things they do to survive, each episode is filled with surprising stories and spectacular cinematography.

Quick Thoughts: The amount of time it took me to realize why Paul Rudd was the narrator is shameful.

Premieres October 2nd


The Right Stuff

The incredible story of the early days of the U.S. space program, based on the iconic bestseller by Tom Wolfe. At the height of the Cold War, newly-formed NASA selects seven of the military’s best test pilots to become astronauts. Competing to be the first in space, these men achieve the extraordinary, inspiring the world to turn towards a new horizon of ambition and hope.

Starring: Jake McDorman, Michael Trotter, Patrick J. Adams, James Lafferty, Aaron Staton, Colin O’Donoghue, Micah Stock, Sacha Seberg, Jordan Woods-Robinson, Shannon Lucio, Rachel Burttram, Nora Zehetner, Jade Albany Pietrantonio, Laura Ault, Eloise Mumford, Victoria White, Josh Cooke, Patrick Fischler, Mamie Gummer, Eric Ladin, Jackson Pace, Danny Strong

Quick Thoughts: The reason this Disney+ show has a Nat Geo tag on it is a similar deal to FX on Hulu. It was made for Nat Geo but “moved” to the streaming network. And while Disney+ has proved itself to be quite prudish, the series does seem to touch on at least some of the rampant infidelity going on. The trailer’s a bit grim considering how weirdly fun the original movie is. But I really do enjoy seeing what square jawed white men will have to get terrible haircuts every time they cast something about the Mercury Seven. The cast of the original The Right Stuff was insane but I have a little superficial heart for The Astronaut Wives Club casting Yvonne Strahovski and Wilson Bethel as the Carpenters. They were just too good looking.

Also make The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal into a series please. The presence of Mamie Gummer as Jerrie Cobb means that we’ll see some of the Mercury Thirteen in The Right Stuff but more lady astronauts in pop culture would be nice.

Premieres October 9th


A World of Calm

Each episode of a World of Calm is designed to transform your feelings through enchanting music, scientifically engineered narratives, and astounding footage. Join the immersive visual journey to naturally calm the body and soothe the mid.

Starring: Mahershala Ali, Idris Elba, Oscar Isaac, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Nicole Kidman, Zoë Kravitz, Lucy Liu, Cillian Murphy, Keanu Reeves, and Kate Winslet

Premieres October 1st


Equal captures the gripping and true backstories of the leaders and unsung heroes, pre-Stonewall, who changed the course of American history through their tireless activism. Each hour-long episode brings to life the high stakes and hard deadlines of historical events that have not yet been given their due. The docuseries honors rebels of yesteryear through high-end re-enactments, never-before-seen footage, and captures the emotions of the times with messages just as relevant today.

Starring: Cheyenne Jackson, Anthony Rapp, Shanno Purser, Heather Matarazzo, Sara Gilbert, Anne Ramsay, Alexandra Grey, Theo Germain, Jamie Clayton, Isis King, Samira Wiley, Jai Rodriguez, Keiynan Lonsdale, Hailie Sahar, Scott Turner Schofield, Cole Doman, Elizabeth Ludlow, Gale Harold, Sam Pancake

Quick Thoughts: I am so unbelievably psyched for this even though I am not entirely sure how this show works. I’m curious as to how they’ll integrate the actors with the documentary part of it. But that cast! The subjects they chose! That shot of Keiynan Lonsdale as Bayard Rustin kind of knocked the breath out of me for a couple seconds. The last six actors on the list above are all playing characters who were involved in the Stonewall Riots so it looks like we’re going to get an entire episode dedicated to that. Which is fucking great after that Roland Emmerich mess.

Premieres October 22nd



Encounters with mermaids, fallen angels, and other strange beasts drive broken people to desperate acts in Monsterland, an anthology series based on the collection of stories from Nathan Ballingrud’s “North American Lake Monsters”.

Starring: Jonathan Tucker, Kaitlyn Dever, Marquis Rodriguez, Nicole Beharie, Charlie Tahan, Hamish Linklater, Bill Camp, Michael Hsu Rosen, Taylor Schilling, Roberta Colindrez, Adria Arjona, Trieu Tran, Kelly Marie Tran, Mike Colter, Adepero Oduye

Premieres October 2nd


As the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer, Helstrom follows Daimon and Ana Helstrom, and their complicated dynamic, as they track down the worst of humanity — each with their own attitude and skills.

Starring: Tom Austen, Sydney Lemmon, Elizabeth Marvel, Robert Wisdom, Ariana Guerra, June Carryl, Alain Uy

Premieres October 16th


The Salisbury Poisonings

The Salisbury Poisonings tells the remarkable story of how ordinary people and public services reacted to a crisis on their doorstep, displaying extraordinary heroism as their city became the focus of an unprecedented national emergency. In March 2018, the eyes of the world turned to the British city of Salisbury when it became the epicenter of what has been described as one of the biggest political events of the 21st century – but until now, the heroic acts behind the headlines have not been told. Within three days of the assassination attempt on double agent and spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, key agencies discovered that a lethal nerve agent called Novichok was used, just half a teaspoon of which could kill 20,000 people. Within four days, hundreds of traces were found across the city, and, just when things were finally thought to be under control, a perfume bottle containing the nerve agent was discovered, throwing the investigation into renewed chaos.

Starring: Anne-Marie Duff, Rafe Spall, MyAnna Buring, Annabel Scholey, Johnny Harris, William Houston, Darren Boyd, Nigel Lindsay, Amber Aga, Wayne Swann, Jill Weinternitz, Barry Aird, Stella Gonet, Melanie Gutteridge, Ron Cook, Mark Addy, Clare Burt, Duncan Pow, Emma Stansfield, Shereen Martin, Jonathan Slinger, Andrew Brooke, Chris Wilson, Michael Shaeffer, Sophia Ally, Judah Cousin, Stephanie Gil, Kiera Thompson

Quick Thoughts: Okay. So from what I understand, AMC picked up this show and Gangs of London with the intention to air it next year. But if you buy their service, you can see it months in advance. Or you can just be British and have already seen it.

…There’s too many streaming services y’all.

Premieres October 1st


Code 404

DI John Major and DI Roy Carver are the best of the best at an elite police unit in London. After Major’s cover is blown and he is met with his untimely death, he is brought back to life with some glitchy AI technology. Now, he’s better than ever – or so he thinks.

Starring: Daniel Mays, Stephen Graham, Anna Maxwell Martin

Premieres October 1st



In this character-driven drama, a brilliant but haunted surgeon, Daniel Milton, sacrifices everything for love when he opens an illegal medical clinic in the network of tunnels beneath London’s Temple subway station. When word of the clinic starts to spread among outcasts and the criminal underworld, Daniel becomes entrenched in dangerous battles between life and death – and one for his very soul.

Starring: Mark Strong, Carice Van Houten, Daniel Mays, Tobi King-Bakare

Quick Thoughts: I…don’t super know what Spectrum is or how to get it but I think I would like to see this show one day.

Premieres October 26th


Gloop World

Stop-motion animated series that chronicles the absurd but strangely relatable lives of roommates Bob Roundy and Funzy, two anthropomorphic blobs who navigate the malleable suburbia and outskirts of Gloop World

Premiers October 5th

Natural Born Narco

In partnership with Telemundo, Quibi presents a prequel to the acclaimed telenovela El Señor de los Cielos. The series chronicles the rise of notorious real-life drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes.

Premieres October 5th

Last Looks

There’s a dark side to glamour. Dakota Fanning narrates this true crime documentary series that looks at real-life crimes that shook the fashion industry, told by the people closest to each case.

Premieres October 12th

Murder Unboxed

Witness the unboxing of real case evidence while hearing from the actual investigators, prosecutors, and witnesses. Full of twists and turns, each episode will connect the dots of seemingly unrelated evidence to tell the story of what happened.

Premieres October 19th


Good Morning, Verônica

Verônica Torres works as a clerk at the Homicide Police Station in Sao Paulo, where she lives a bureaucratic routine within the system. Married and mother of two, she finds herself facing the abyss when she witnesses a suicide that brings painful past wounds back. That same week, she receives the anonymous call from a desperate woman crying out for her life. Determined, Verônica decides to use all her investigative skills to dive into the cases of the two victims: the young suicide girl, deceived by a scammer on the internet, and the subjugated wife of an intelligent serial killer. As she goes deeper into these investigations, Veronica will face a wicked world that endangers her family and her very existence.

Starring: Tainá Müller, Elisa Volpatto, Camila Morgado, Eduardo Moscovis

Premieres October 1st

Song Exploder

Based on the acclaimed podcast of the same name, and from host Hrishikesh Hirway and Oscar®-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville, each episode of Song Exploder features some of the world’s greatest musicians as they reveal how they brought one of their songs to life. The series weaves together in-depth interviews, archival footage, and raw recordings as each artist breaks down their song, layer by layer, sharing intimate insight into the personal inspiration behind the music and lyrics. Featured artists include 15-time Grammy® Award-winning artist, songwriter, and producer Alicia Keys, who breaks down “3 Hour Drive” from her 2020 album, ALICIA; Pulitzer Prize, Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Award-winning composer, lyricist, and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, who delves into the creation of “Wait for It” from the musical phenomenon “Hamilton”; Rock & Roll Hall of Famers R.E.M. who open up about the influences behind the life-changing track “Losing My Religion”; and Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and producer Ty Dolla $ign who discusses the inspiration behind “LA,” the deeply personal opening track from his gold-certified major label debut album, FREE TC.

Premieres October 2nd

Emily in Paris

Emily, an ambitious twenty-something marketing executive from Chicago, unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris when her company acquires a French luxury marketing company — and she is tasked with revamping their social media strategy. Emily’s new life in Paris is filled with intoxicating adventures and surprising challenges as she juggles winning over her work colleagues, making friends, and navigating new romances.

Starring: Lily Collins, Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat, Bruno Gouery

Quick Thoughts: They keep harping on about Sex and the City but the Darren Star show it feels like is Younger. Which is good because that show is excellent. A Devil Wears Prada-ish story with a Younger vibe is a really interesting place for a show to be.

Premieres October 2nd

To The Lake

Facing the end of civilization when a terrifying plague strikes, a group risks their lives – and humanity – in a brutal struggle to survive.

Starring: Viktoriya Isakova, Kirill Käro, Aleksandr Robak, Natalya Zemtsova, Maryana Spivak, Yuri Kuznetsov, Eldar Kalimulin, Viktoriya Agalakova, Alexander Yatsenko, Saveily Kudryashov

Quick Thoughts: …Cool timing, brah.

Premieres October 7th

Deaf U

A coming-of-age documentary series following a tight-knit group of deaf students at Gallaudet University, a renowned private college for the deaf and hard of hearing, in Washington, D.C. As the group of friends navigate the high, lows, and hookups of college life together, their stories offer an unprecedented, unfiltered, and often unexpected look inside the Deaf community.

Premieres October 9th

The Cabin with Bert Kreischer

Fast-living comic Bert Kreischer heads to a cabin for some self-care and invites his funny friends to join his quest to cleanse his mind, body and soul.

Starring: Bert Kreischer

Premieres October 14th

Social Distance

Set in the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Social Distance is an eight-part anthology series that showcases the power of the human spirit in the face of uncertainty and isolation. Each standalone episode is told through a virtual lens and captures the unique emotional experience of being forced apart by circumstance and having no choice but to communicate remotely and rely on technology to maintain any sense of connection. Through these varied and deeply human stories, Social Distance aims to provide some much-needed catharsis during a tumultuous time while also capturing a snapshot of this singular moment in history.

Starring: Danielle Brooks, LaRita Brooks, DJ Brooks, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Rocco Luna, Isabella Ferreira, Guillermo Diaz, Oscar Nunez, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Tom Costanzo, Luca Costanzo, Miguel Sandoval, Camila Perez, Olli Haaskivi, Mike Colter, Okieriete Onaodowan, Heather Burns, Ajay Naidu, Shakira Barrera, Steven Weber, Jack Hohnen-Weber, Helena Howard, Asante Blackk, Ayize Ma’at, Lovie Simone, Max Jenkins, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Peter Vack, Rana Roy, Peter Scanavino, Leo Bai-Scanavino, Ali Ahn, Tami Sagher, Barbara Rosenblat, Michael Mulheren, Becky Ann Baker, Dylan Baker, Sunita Mani, Raymond Anthony Thomas, Marcia Debonis, Lachlan Watson, David Iacono, Will Meyers, Niles Fitch, Ava Demary, Kylie Liya Page

Premieres October 15th

Grand Army

 Five students at the largest public high school in Brooklyn take on our chaotic world as they fight to succeed, survive, wild out, break free and seize the future.

Starring: Odessa A’zion, Odley Jean, Maliq Johnson, Amalia Yoo, Amir Bageria, Alphonso Romero Jones II, Thelonius Serrell-Freed, Anthony Ippolito, Brian Altemus

Premieres October 16th

La Révolution

1787, France. While investigating a series of mysterious murders, Joseph Guillotin – the future inventor of the world famous ‘Guillotine’ – uncovers an unknown virus: the Blue Blood. The disease, quickly spreads amongst the French aristocracy, driving them to murder ordinary people and soon leads to a rebellion… What if the French Revolution didn’t happen the way we were told?

Starring: Amir El Kacem, Marilou Aussilloux, Lionel Erdogan, Isabel Aimé Gonzalez Sola, Julien Frison, Doudou Masta, Dimitri Storoge, Amélia Lacquemant, Coline Beal, Laurent Lucas, Gaia Weiss, Chiara Tantimonaco, Nina Tantimonaco, Pierre Andrau, Philippine Martinot, Jérémie Covillault

Premieres October 16th

Someone Has To Die

The story of Alguien tiene que morir begins when a young man, after being called by his parents, must return from Mexico to his home to meet his fiancée, but the people are surprised when he returns accompanied by Lazaro, a mysterious ballet dancer. Set in 1950’s Spain, in a conservative and traditional society where appearances and family ties play a key role.

Starring: Carmen Maura, Cecilia Suárez, Ernesto Alterio, Alejandro Speitzer, Isaac Hernández, Ester Expósito, Pilar Castro, Mariola Fuentes, Eduardo Casanova, Manuel Morón, Juan Carlos Vellido, Carlos Cuevas 

Quick Thoughts: Hello new Ester Expósito character. May you be as fabulous as Carla Rosón Caleruega but with better taste in men.

Premieres October 16th

Dream Home Makeover

Dreams come true for real families looking for the perfect home tailored to their own unique style, thanks to Studio McGee

Starring: Shea McGee, Syd McGee

Premieres October 16th


Three people’s fates are interwoven in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D., during which Germanic warriors halt the spread of the Roman Empire.

Starring: Jeanne Goursaud, David Schütter, Gaetano Aronica, Laurence Rupp, Jeremy Miliker, Bernhard Schütz, Eva Verena Müller, Sergej Onopko

Premieres October 23rd

Queen’s Gambit

Abandoned and entrusted to a Kentucky orphanage in the late 1950s, a young Beth Harmon discovers an astonishing talent for chess while developing an addiction to tranquilizers provided by the state as a sedative for the children. Haunted by her personal demons and fueled by a cocktail of narcotics and obsession, Beth transforms into an impressively skilled and glamorous outcast while determined to conquer the traditional boundaries established in the male-dominated world of competitive chess. 

Starring: Anya Taylor-Joy, Marielle Heller, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Moses Ingram, Harry Melling, Bill Camp

Premieres October 23rd