30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 2: Your Favorite Horror Film

Way back in the day, growing up in the ‘burbs in the early 80s as a teenager, you only had a few choices for watching movies at home. You had whatever was broadcast on the half dozen channels you had, you maybe had a VCR, or maybe you had Preview. There weren’t a lot of options but sometimes you were lucky enough to be able to get HBO if your parents sprung for it.

And with many sleepovers with friends over the years, we’d be up late watching whatever bizarre trash that they’d show late at night. One of those films was the 1982 start of an actual series of films with XTRO. I’ve never seen it since then but I distinctly remember watching it and being utterly horrified by if to years and years with what it did with lighting, sounds, the visuals, everything.

My mother chimed in and said that Killer Klowns From Outer Space still makes her scared at 80 years old.

What’s the movie that’s scared you the most?

Bonus question: What’s the horror film that disappointed you the most in that it didn’t really achieve what it should have?