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The Thursday Politics Thread Misspoke

Morning Politocadoes!

Following the hot mess that was the first Presidential debate of 2020 a couple of things are clear.

1. Our system for comparing policy between candidates has been broken for a while now and this was just putting it in the ground and

2. The current President sees no issue with violent militia groups and domestic terrorists, so long as they support him.

The President failed to condemn the actions of white supremacists, notably the Proud Boys. His failure is not surprising given his past inaction, having previously failed to reject David Duke’s endorsenr for President or basically any other time these extremist groups have done something awful. The FBI has recently announced that white domestic terrorism is the greatest threat facing the United States. His tacit support speaks volumes and overshadowed much following the debate.

So much so, that the GOP has gone into damage control. South Carolina Senator and African American Republican, Tim Scott, was sent out to “explain” that Trump had misspoke. Not that it matters of course, as these groups are already taking it as a green light to keep doing what they’re doing.

The President represents not just an existential threat to the US, but to the world itself.

The Commission on Presidential Debates was so alarmed by the shit show that they are planning on introducing additional rules to keep the candidates in line, which really, at this point is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

No More Debates.

There’s no real discussion to be had. He’s not interested in having a nuanced discussion on America’s future. Trump will just use it as an opportunity to run roughshod over the moderator and his opponent. You can’t shame him into denouncing his hardcore supporters. Televised debates will only provide him with more oxygen. More opportunities to rile up the worst of his people.

Let’s just get to November. I know absolutely nothing will be solved by then, but going through the motions and acting like this is a normal election year at this point is just ridiculous.

Welcome to Thursday! Please be excellent to each other! The Mayor Mcsquirrel rule is still in effect. The pandemic is still happening of course so please continue to observe common sense health measures. If you are out protesting, please be safe and wear protective gear as things likely get more chaotic towards the end of the year.