30 Days Of Horror Challenge Day 1: What Defines Horror For You

Our 30 Days of Horror challenge gets underway today and we’re going to open this one up for a bit of a discussion-style piece. The month is going to be a mix of a lot of different things – most of the challenges out there tend to be film-oriented but we’re going to spice that up – and our opening challenge is going to set the ground for a lot of people.

What defines horror to you?

We know the larger idea of what horror entails, but we all come into it with different views of what it really represents and how it’s defined. If someone asked you what it is you like about the horror genre, this would be how you define it and why you’re drawn to it. Is it the splatterfest? All the gore? The psychological drama? The exploration of fear? What is it that really makes the horror genre tick for you.

Bonus Question: What’s the worst way you’ve seen horror defined?