The Avocado Plays Suikoden 2: Part 1

Welcome to the first part of The Avocado’s discussion of Suikoden 2! Today, we’re going to discuss the opening segment of the game: The introduction of our central characters, the beginning of the war, the Hilltop Conference, and the assassination of Annabelle. Anything up to that point is fair game for conversation. If you want to reference anything later in the game, be sure to mark them with SPOILER tags.

Feel free to share your general reactions to the game, as well as talk about anything related to the characters, story, or gameplay mechanics up to this point. I’ll also be posting a few questions to hopefully kickstart some discussion as well.

In two weeks we’ll reconvene to discuss the next chunk of the game. We’ll be playing up through an extended sequence where you must assemble three parties to fight a major foe, culminating in a one-on-one duel. I suspect it will be clear when you’ve reached the next break point.