Sports Corner Visits Tampa Bay

As the Tampa Bay Lightning celebrate their second Stanley Cup, our attention shifts to to the baseball playoffs, where the Tampa Bay Rays are the AL’s top seed. Even as Tom Brady settles in as the new QB of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s an exciting time to be a fan in Tampa Bay. Though a quick look at any map shows that there is no city called Tampa Bay. And pretty much every pro team in the area around the bay plays in St. Petersburg. So even as I watch the games, I wonder “why are all the teams the Tampa Bay something?” It’s just weird.

Even as we get ready for the NBA finals, featuring LeBron James for the tenth time. Even as we watch the NFL deal with its first (inevitable) covid outbreak, even as the WNBA playoffs march along, and even as the French Open tennis tournament is underway to almost no fanfare in the states. Plus, as noted, baseball playoffs, eight games today in the MLB version of March Madness, sort of.

Oh, and Doc Rivers is out. Didn’t see that coming.

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.

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