Marble Rally 2020 Race 3

Welcome to another edition of Marble Rally! This is my first time covering one of these events. We’re taking over Merve’s wonderful series on orbular althetics as a team, so I hope you enjoy. -lutair


With the past 2 events, we had 6 podium spots and 10 DNFs, so this event is really anybody’s to lose. Cool Moody holds a lead at 29 points, with Superball one point behind. Ghost Plasma is in 3rd at 21 points, with Crazy Cats Eye only one point behind. Today’s conditions are more rough than usual, and the hosts have prepared an even more complex track than previous races, with splits, chevrons, and even a little collection point for more competitive jostling.

At the start of the race, Pollo Loco is first to grab the lead, but is jostled out of it by Ghost Plasma. The first of the rotating Chevrons quickly changes things up, with Pollo getting a quick look at the lead only to be jumped over by Dragon’s Egg. Quicksilver gives Dragon’s Egg a run for their money, but the egg’s lead quickly becomes too great to close.

From there it’s a race for second place. The collection point loses Quicksilver a bit of time, as does taking the upper path of the next split, but they maintain second for the remainder of sector one. Ghost Plasma, meanwhile, shoots back to fifth only to push forward back to third, with Summer Sky trying to maintain a fourth against strong competitors Cool Moody and Pollo Loco.

Ghost Plasma finally overtakes Quicksilver in the middle of sector two. The gold is taken easily by Dragon’s Egg, and it looks like Ghost Plasma has a clean second, but they stall out just before the finish line. Quicksilver quickly grabs a silver medal, while Cool Moody pushes into Ghost Plasma to give them the bronze, Moody taking fourth. In the confusing last-second jostle, Crazy Cats Eye somehow grabs fifth.

Additional notes:

  • Some minor obstruction in the back early in the race was apparently cleared up by the ghost marble.
  • Despite the harsher conditions and more complex track, this race only had one DNF, MMM. Perhaps the marbles have learned to be a bit more cautious.
  • This race had one of the largest gaps I’ve seen on finishers in a sand marble rally, between Comet in 15th and Nemo in 16th, there was nearly 13 whole seconds. Glad to see those final marbles finish, but it must have hurt to be so far behind.
  • Ghost Plasma is the first to take two medals. They are both Bronze, so they’re still only in, appropriately, third place overall.
  • Cool Moody, who I’ve mostly seen as the villain to beat (it’s gotta be the smug face) showing a surprising amount of sportsmarbleship in helping Ghost Plasma to the finish line. Still, the fourth place finish didn’t hurt their overall standing.
  • Quicksilver and Dragon’s Egg absolutely rocketing up the standings after today’s race. Good to see some diversity of competition.
  • Two marbles with 0 points, Blazing Fireball and Cobra, both at least got to finish. Not looking good for them.
  • Lutair-favorite CCE maintains fourth, but is now tied with another favored marble, Dragon’s Egg.
Where's Roldo

No Roldo this time. At least no Roldo prompt, so I didn’t look for them.