Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (9/29)

Today’s prompt: what is your favorite movie poster?

Posters are one of the oldest ways to advertise a film. The first poster showed up all the way back in December 26, 1895 for the Lumier Brothers film L’Arroseur arrose. Before the 1980’s, a lot of these movie posters were illustrated.

Some artists are best known for being artists for film posters. The best known is perhaps Drew Struzan, whose artwork is associated with Star Wars, E.T, The Thing, and Indiana Jones.

You also have Jack Davis, whose Mad Magazine style with the big heads and tiny bodies recall an era of madcap films from the 60’s to early 80’s.

On the other end of the spectrum are posters from Saul Bass. His expertise in commercial artwork led to some of the most striking minimalist movie posters.

I’ve never watched it, but I’ve always like the retro charm to the poster for George Clooney’s The American (which came out 10 years ago). It’s apparently a movie about contract killers, regrets, and double-crosses. I’ve looked up some screenshots and while the movie does look stylish, I don’t think it ever lives up to the potential of that poster.

Next week: we kick off the spookiest month with vampires