A Peep at the History Thread

Due to work and a defective laptop, I didn’t have time to prepare my planned History Thread, Der Schranker must wait another week. Until then, enjoy this delightful caricature of Georgian nobility:

A highlight of the exhibit was the pairing of Bunbury’s 1781 burlesque Lord Derby Following Miss Farren and Gillray’s 1796 caricature A Peep at Christie’s. Both images mock the stubby Edward Smith-Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby, and his passion for the tall, winsome actress Elizabeth Farren. The couple eventually married in 1797, the year after Gillray’s print appeared, and less than two months after the death of the earl’s first wife, Elizabeth Smith-Stanley. In A Peep at Christie’s, Lord Derby and Farren are portrayed as art collectors, but their scandalous affair is the real object on view. (Farren always maintained that before the marriage her eighteen-year relationship with Derby had been strictly platonic.)