And yet, I say, waiting for Drop to come at me for these true words, can we truly be surprised? Switzerland, long famous for chocolate, weaponry, questionable banking, and neutrality looked at Brexit and… whatever the fuck is happening here and thought, “do you know what? I want in on these 2020 shenanigans” and has decided to vote on whether to abandon its current agreement with the EU.

But wait, you might think, Switzerland isn’t part of the EU, that’s like their whole thing, well, CORRECT. Switzerland has managed to get through holes in the EU’s defenses (I’m sorry, I had to do one cheese reference, it’s my favorite cold sandwich cheese) to participate in the EU free trade area. It also works with Brussels in a variety of important fields, like education and the environment. In order to get all the benefits, Switzerland had to commit to the policy pillars of the EU, things like free movement and open(ish) borders.

Those in favor of ending the agreement want firmer control on immigration into the country and a stronger grip on border access, and by “those” I mean the right-wing Swiss People’s Party. The original 2014 immigration quota referendum was influenced by their lack of support, and that still wasn’t enough for them, so now they’re trying to get rid of the previous deal altogether.

And then, because this is 2020, the new vote is for a proposal that has a one year cut off date, no matter if another deal with Brussels has been reached or not.

Because you know, that worked so well the last time. *looks across the Channel at Britain*