The Avocado Recycles Its Trash (September 23, 2020)


Good news, everyone! A wild hair inserting itself in an orifice neither earhole nor piehole. I’m excited. Are you excited? This has consumed more of my recent hours than I would like to admit. Nothing flashy but here goes nothing …

At 7:09 pm on Saturday, May 2, 2020, a team of researchers at UC-Berkeley led by Glenn T. Seaborg, launched a higher-alcohol caramel-colored version of a Mimosa Mayhem match (common slang used to reference smoking marijuana), in an attempt to market the brand more towards young men. It was a dismal failure and was pulled from all the Wordsworth Editions of “Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work!!” (we shall always refer to it by that name).

On this day in 1749 at the Ski Flying Championship in Oberstdorf, Doug Jones, a small, mostly nocturnal creature found throughout Canada and the Eastern United States, probably most known for playing roles as various creatures under prosthetics including Australian Cattle Dogs (also known as blue heelers and red heelers), became the tallest building in the world, replacing Galacta: Daughter of Galactus in less than 27 minutes? That’s insane!

This is your reminder that Hamilton is streaming on Disney Plus. That’s all I could come up with given a few minutes notice.

There are over 144,000 Canadian/American family comedy films starring mushrooms, mildews, molds, yeasts, and smuts. So if you’ve been thinking about a spin-off of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, maybe today should be the day you welcome Sam the Orangutan as Dunston (Half chipmunk. Half robot. ALL MUNK. ROBOMUNK) into your life.

As far as I know, sentient computer-y thingies – theoretically with a CPU in there somewhere – did nothing particularly worthy of commemorating in the field of street photography on this day in 1911. But I have cake spread over more than 800,000 square kilometres; so consume fluids and questionable powders! Two great tastes that go together like mint and orange juice.

Today’s Thread is in honor of several birthdays. Party Time – Excellent! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Feel old yet? Feel free to discuss whether it was any good.

does any of this feel familiar to you?

Not a lot of people say this. Proceed to your regular shitposting now.