Comic Book Chat – Best/Worst X-Men Crossover or Miniseries

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Today’s Discussion – Best/Worst X-Men Crossover or Miniseries

X-Men – X of Swords kicks off today and I am including a checklist of issues encompassing the crossover for everyone’s pleasure.

I got to thinking about some of the past adventures of the X-Men, which led me to post today’s Comic Book Chat. What are some of the best and some of the worst X-Men crossover and miniseries released by Marvel Comics?

One crossover that I paid the most attention to was X-Men : Onslaught.

It was released during one of the Summers I was in high school.

I had a part time job so I was able to buy the issues on a weekly basis to read and follow along.

There are a few X-Men crossovers I would like to read at some point. Please share your recommendations and post the ones that I and others should avoid.

You can also share your favorite run of X-Men comics as well.

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