The 9/22 Night Thread Appreciates Wayne and Wanda

Wayne and Wanda first appeared together in a backstage segment in Season 1 Episode 21. They would go onstage in Episode 3, in the first of many musical performances throughout the first season.

Wayne and Wanda are particular favorites of Sam the Eagle, as they are wholesome and decent performers, unlike the other more chaotic members of the troupe.

As this kind of wholesomeness cannot be allowed in The Muppet Show Universe, their songs tend to end abruptly, often in some sort of ironic pun-based punishment. For example, in their first performance, “Stormy Weather”, a sudden storm rolls in before they can finish the first verse.

🎵Don’t know why🎵
🎶There’s no sun up in the sky🎶
⛈Stormy weather⛈
Also they’re in The Muppet Movie. There. Right there. No really I promise.

Have a good Night Thread and remember: I appreciate The Muppets on a much deeper level than you.