Supercomputers Week: KARR (September 18 Night Thread)

The digital age brought us supercomputers that were helpful, rather than murderous – with their proliferation into everyday society, electronic machines just weren’t that scary any longer. With David Hasselhof and the smooth, glimmering veneer of the 1980’s, came Knight Rider, the beloved TV show of young boys for it’s plentiful car chases and … more car chases.

KITT’s evil twin soon appears; inventor Wilton Knight’s prototype vehicle, KARR: the Knight Automated Roving Robot. Whilst the former’s primary function was to serve, KARR’s was self-preservation. This results in some pretty big differences between the two despite their near-identical designs.

Of course KARR is far more interesting, being slightly deranged, a little violent, and obsessed with being superior to KITT. It helps that KARR is voiced by a temperamental Peter Cullen, best known as Optimus Prime.

Their primary interfaces, built into their dashboards, was visually pretty basic; a bundle of illuminated buttons and a flashing panel to indicate speech. KITT and KARR shared the same distinctive oscillating red scanner on their front grill; mimicking the Cylons of Battlestar Galactica; unsurprisingly from the same creator, Glen A Larson.

I am the prototype of the car of the future!

Enjoy your night and take care of yourselves, Avocado!